• All 3 Discs for $19.95

Get all 3 CDs for only 19.95!!

1. UnderRated & Garth Vader - Black Markets Matter,  Autographed Vinyl Look CD - We have less than 50 of these Limited Autographed CDs left of this classic album by UnderRated & Garth Vader!

If you love weed, this is that real that represents it like no other!!

This one of a kind underground weed album is a lot more than the pushing weight and party music that y'all are expecting! UnderRated & Garth Vader are reppin' Humboldt County spittin harsh political truths facing the new cannabis industry and how it's effecting their community. 

2. UnderRated - Smoke Sessions, Vinyl Look CD - It looks like a mini vinyl record but it's actually a CD! This CD is all 3 smoke sessions split into 32 tracks so you can skip to your favorite verse whenever you want!! It also includes 2 brand new full length unreleased songs by UnderRated!!

This could be the best CD to smoke out to ever BROOOOO!!!!!

**Every CD sold is personally autographed by UnderRated!

3. Garth Vader - Original Dankster - Garth's last pressed CD feat. Mistah FAB, Celly Cell, Sunspot Jonz, and Pakelika!!

All 3 Discs for $19.95

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